Rugged Embedded Nodes

Pushing Enterprise Solutions to the Edge

REN™ Series, Rugged Embedded Nodes. A new way of looking at a COTS embedded solution. Developed as a building block that engineers can utilise to rapidly develop applications that need to run on rugged fully sealed hardware at the edge.

Our REN™ boxes are NOT general purpose computing platforms, they are developed to be nodes processing information at the rugged edge of large systems were environmental rapidly degrade standard computing solutions.

The range provides an elegant rapid development platform that engineers can tune exactly to their in-field requirements.

Get going from the day of delivery, take the lid/IO plate off, plug-in a standard cable set and give it to the software team. In parallel have the hardware team develop other IO, wiring, cables and connectors.

This is a new option for customers who would normally be doing this themselves, but for all sorts of reasons, (Time, low quantity) this is not an option, the REN™ series solutions could just work out to be a great way to get the job done.

Designed & manufactured in Australia.

The REN™ series boxes are fully sealed with high-end computing platforms built in. REN is rugged and ready to host your applications, taking them from the desk top to the real world.

REN boxes are not general purpose computers, they are for use in harsh environments where maximum protection needs to be afforded to the high-powered processing solution inside.

Customers are engineers who are looking to design their own Box, System or Case. REN boxes provide a proven solid alternative that is fast to procure and deploy. Ideal for rapid prototyping and testing phases of a project.

Open design, cabling, connectors, power configurations and storage are all accommodated as “FITTED FOR, NOT WITH”, giving hardware engineers the flexibility to make the system exactly as they require.

Unitronix can provide pre-existing connector and cable kits, along with VICOR modular power supply units and SSDs if required.