Our supplier Cambridge Pixel are an award-winning developer of sensor processing and display solutions, exporting to more than 55 countries worldwide. They provide world-class solutions to leading system integrators and radar manufacturers, backed up by premier customer support. These products find use in numerous different application areas, from naval to security, to air traffic control.

Their core expertise lies in the processing and display of radar video data, from both primary and secondary radars. They bring together a unique blend of radar, graphics and software knowledge to provide our customers with the very best solutions.

Recent design win – N.B For SEA5000 Integrators

Cambridge Pixel will be supplying its latest generation of SPx radar processing and display software to BAE Systems for the visualisation of primary and IFF video onboard the UK Type 26 Frigates Combat Management System.

In terms of their surveillance and sensor capabilities, each Type 26 will be fitted with the BAE Type 997 Artisan 3D air and surface surveillance radar, solid state X and S band navigation radars and a long range IFF interrogator, as well as electro-optical and infrared systems.

Modular Radar Solutions