Who we are

Unitronix are an innovative engineering-capable distributor and manufacturer of rugged, embedded computing solutions for military, aerospace and high-end industrial applications.

Established in 1984, we have supplied and supported Australian civil and defence programmes with reliable equipment needed to survive in some of the harshest environments.

Consult – Collaborate
Create – Construct
Design – Develop
Invent – Innovate
Supply – Support

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Rugged Embedded Computing

What we do

Unitronix offer professional in-country services as part of a proven, dependable supply chain with a long term commitment to defence and industrial based applications.

Our focus is on the through-life supply of COTS & MCOTS electronic equipment that is reliable and predictable through its lifecycle in the application.

Our highly credible, auditable experience is in:

  • Rugged computing systems, Electronic Warfare, Rugged Servers, Screens & IO, RF Signal Processing Systems, Military, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Industrial, Power Utilities and Scientific Research areas.
  • Ruggedisation and long term supply and support of high-end computing systems for extended life cycles of 5, 10, 15 years.
  • Building systems solutions, Test – Repair – Support.

In addition we design, develop and manufacture our own innovative equipment aimed at new commercial industries such as: IoT, AI, Smart Grids, Data Analytics & Enterprise at the EDGE

Terms & Conditions

Form | Fit | Function

How we do it

Sales and technical support of rugged high-performance embedded computing that includes EW platforms, screens, servers and systems.

  • Detailed experience in vehicle computing systems integration.
  • Expert debug, repair, maintenance and testing.
  • Engineering, customisation, development of embedded computing boards and EW systems.
  • Security of Supply – We have built our reputation on solid technical support to component level, essential to our customers and complementary to our suppliers.

Contact our technical team here if you require rugged equipment for projects within the embedded space.

Our customers

Our customers have a high-cost of failure so value the product advice and professional services that our company provides.
They cannot afford downtime and seek to engineer solutions that are reliable and predictable throughout the life-cycle of the deployed equipment. Unitronix understand these requirements in detail.