While COTS is in general a standard design and a standard feature set, there are things that can be done to provide customisations.

There are three main areas to this:

1. Taking a COTS electrical design and making into a custom form factor, this is useful for customers developing cards in non standard shapes. 
2. Taking a COTS product and modifying one or two features of the product to best fit the application.
3. Building standard COTS products into customers systems configurations.

At Unitronix we can look at all of these areas with you. Let us know what you want.

Custom LCDs: It is often the case that an off-the-shelf screen will not quite fit a customer’s requirements.

Connectors, mounting points, cable pin outs and/or specialised IO. All create issues for customers who need very exact features, either because they are doing an upgrade or they have physical constraints put on them.

Vartech in the USA is very good at working alongside Unitronix to customise their standard equipment into special builds in accordance to our customers requirements.

We have done this a number of times for Military upgrade programmes in Australia.

More of our suppliers have specific customisation services based around their standard products, of note are Curtiss Wright who will turn their standard design cards in to new and interesting shapes for customers who can’t use a standard back plane card. This is extremely useful as customer can get going developing code with the standard card while the new shaped card is being done.
Curtiss Wright do however need a 200 + qty to make this effort worth the transition cost.

Versalogic will modify and build customised industrial cards based on their standard PC-104/ EPIC/ ESU/ EPU range of cards. Generally, this would need to be of customer requirements over 100 pieces.

Contact us for further information.