A high performance embedded computer with Xeon-E and 9th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, 3-Bank Type 1 expansion port and error-correcting memory. Includes fast on-board NVMe SSD storage, TPM 2.0 security, and up to 32 GB ECC RAM.

The Sabertooth is a rugged PC104 embedded computer featuring a high bandwidth “3-Bank” expansion interface. The expansion connector supports high speed peripherals, compute-offload, or GPU devices that require up to 16 high speed PCIe lanes.

The Sabertooth is a highly effective edge computer which, with its high bandwidth bus, can be further expanded with I/O such as  10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGAs and GPU boards. The Sabertooth’s high bandwidth expansion port includes a PCIe Gen 3 x16 bus with bifurcation, four PCIe x1, two USB 2.0 and SMB interfaces.

Sabertooth is based on Intel’s 9th Generation CPU family. Models are available with quad-core i3 or hex-core Xeon-E processors. Featuring Hyper-Threading on Xeon-E equipped models, the Sabertooth is a powerful computing platform. In addition to its powerful processor it includes high speed SSD storage (NVMe) and up to 32 GB of RAM (error-correcting RAM in the Xeon-E model). This makes it ideal for embedded computing needs in defence, aerospace, medical, smart security and energy applications.

The Sabertooth is designed and tested for full industrial temperature (-40° to +85°C) operation and meets MIL-STD-202H specifications for shock and vibration. It uses latching connectors to address cable detachment issues in hostile environments.

VersaLogic’s 10+ year product life support ensures long-term availability. Long lifecycle products avoid expensive upgrades, redesigns, and migrations that come from shorter lifecycle products.

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